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wood of the bar

Dickel 12 yr Bourbon, Sugar, Bitters, Orange, Captured Cedar Smoke

Nothing quite cures a hangover like some "hair of the dog" (drinking a small amount of the alcohol that gave you the hangover) we thought why not take it a step further and provide not only the liquor, but we'll even burn our bar and you can drink that flavour too!


a little water & wine

Vodka, Riesling, Galliano, Lemon, St. Germain

Stranded in the dessert? Or feeling stranded on a hot summer day? One of our Highest proof cocktails that'll trick you into thinking you're enjoying a refreshing glass of water; just be careful not to drink it too fast! 


young gypsy

Sage Infused Tanqueray, Earl Grey, Maraschino, Lemon, Sage Smudging

Inspired by music festivals and the spirit of gathering our sage smudging concept takes form within this cocktail. A feast for the eyes as the flaming teaball of sage swings like a metronome towards your table, and then before your eyes we make it into a centrepeice for all to enjoy.